Lemurian and Atlantean Sacred Symbols Cards
     In 2010, Christine Auriela received insights about the sacred symbols of the Lemurian energy sites off the central coast of California in Cambria. In 2011, she received further information about the symbols of the sacred temples of Malta and Gozo. Each temple vibrates and pulsates in a Sacred Geometrical Form and it has its own coloured energy symbol. These symbols are 5D Light Patterns and Light Frequencies that will help us to raise our state of consciousness to the next dimension. Both sets are now in beautiful card form, designed by Francis, based upon Christine’s guidance.  Each card has the sacred geometry symbol representing the energy of the particular site. 
The updated Coloured Set of Cards (11 in each) of the Sacred Symbols of the Lemurian Energy and Atlantean Temples (Included the new symbols of the Crystal Cities of Ashuaratara (Malta) and Telos (California), can be obtained from Christine or Francis in person, via email or with PayPal. So place your order through Paypal, or email us your choice of cards & quantity. 
(Shipping & Handling: USA-$5 // Overseas-$10)

​A pocket-size guidebook to the Energy Sites of Lemuria along the Central Coast.
The Central Coast of California carries a very unique and high vibration, whose purity beckons you. On this Central Coast one finds the ‘etheric’ Temples of Lemuria.

This handbook was written in the spirit of a joyful reconnection to the legacy given to us by our ancient ancestors, the Lemurians. I welcome you to come and re-energize and renew yourself with the wisdom that was left here for our evolution.

Visiting these sites one may join once again to the truth of one’s self, to heal, balance and reconnect to Mother Earth, and come into true Inner Peace.

It is time to come and remember who you truly are and connect to these magic, soft and yet powerful sites. As we open ourselves to receive the legacy of healing and wisdom offered by these sacred Temples, we evoke our true Lemurian Heritage.

The hardcopy is available from Booklocker.com and the ebook from Smashwords, Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble & other electronic bookshops.
 (See: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/512532)

Crystal City Conference – 26th & 27th May 2018
As we enter a New Paradigm for the world, we are excited to share about the final period of the Atlantean Era and the uncovering of the Crystal City of Atlantis that exists under Malta. These are indeed new revelations and incredible information coming forth! 

Please note the Poster and make your preparations and book early for space is limited. 
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