Lemuria ~ 

Its History: Lemuria is the name of the ancient civilization believed to have been in the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago. Many of the Pacific Islands like Hawaii, Fiji Islands, Easter Island and other Polynesian islands are the remaining mountain peaks of the lost continent of Mu. This was the Golden Age of the Empire of the Sun, when humanity lived in peace, love, harmony and prosperity.
Its Energies: The Lemurians were the 3rd Root Race that received the seed biology from the stars. They walked upon this earth with a dimensional quality that had attributes beyond ours. It made them higher in frequency and closer to the Creator's energy vibration level. Their souls came to Earth to experience the physical vibration and to develop the intuitive mind. They had a different kind of consciousness based on the emotional and spiritual dimensions. This gave them a state of being in which they felt in touch with the divine and at one with their fellow beings.  

Its End:  At the end of their cycle on earth, the Lemurians started losing certain abilities and they entered a long period of devolution. With the sinking of Lemuria came the end of the Golden Age of Humankind. It was then time for the Age of Atlantis and the development of the concrete mind. 
A catastrophe, occurring on both inner and outer levels, befell the Lemurian people and their level of consciousness, and humanity ‘fell from Grace.’ 

The Atlanteans attempted to ascend once more to the level of the divine, this time using the powers of mind and invention. What Atlantean awareness lacked was the heart connection with Spirit and the deep emotional centering it evoked.

Our choice today is to learn to connect with and trust the intuitive, emotional knowing of our Souls and Spirit. It is time that we learn to fully experience and integrate both the emotional/intuitive and the rational/mental aspects of ourselves.

Excerpts from The Book of Stones
by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

You can actually see and feel these wondrous regenerative energies of the site at San Simeon Point!
The Cave of Rejuvenation (at low tide) at the Temple of Healing takes you into its loving arms and brings you back to wholeness.
This is the entrance to the Temple of Healing, waiting to take you back to your true, balanced self.
At the Temple of Peace you come into Oneness with yourself (the Creator) and all of Mother Earth.
Standing at the Temple of Wisdom, we find the true Wise One within.
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