Come and journey to the mysterious Etheric Temples of Lemuria! These sacred sites along the  Central Coast of California are some of the most power-filled vortexes in this region!

As you visit each of these high-frequency etheric Temples, you will Individually and Cosmically Reconnect with the Heart-Centered energy they are NOW emitting.

We are available seasonally for small presentations before you start your journey. Check for availability.

We encourage and advise visitors to explore the sacred sites on their own by using the handbook The Magic of Lemuria as a self-guided tour-companion to the sites on the Central Coast of California. 

​This small guidebook The Magic of Lemuria was written purposely with the aim to encourage people to do their own ‘self-guided journeys/visits’ to the temples. The book offers a cosmic and a spiritual perspective of these sacred sites. It will accompany you as you discover these powerful energies. Use the protocol and the meditations to help you connect with these mystical temples. 

We will be happy to start your journey with a small informative presentation/talk about these sacred sites before you start your self-guided journey.
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Lemuria Energy Journeys
“Showing the Way to the Heart of Lemuria”
with The Magic of Lemuria Guidebook 
for the sacred etheric sites
on the Central Coast of California.