Christine Auriela has lived in Cambria on the Central Coast of California for over 30 years. She connects strongly to her Cosmic and Native American descent.

  Along with spearheading and hosting many local ‘Wellness Fairs,’ she is also the past owner of 7 Sisters Mystical Emporium in Cambria, California. This center held classes and ceremonies for spirituality and self-awareness for all beliefs and paths, as well as crystals, books and metaphysical products.

  Through her current travels to many energy sites in Hawaii, French Polynesia, England, Finland, Sweden, France, Austria, Switzerland and Malta, Christine is now paving the way for others to reconnect with their Atlantean and Lemurian heritage. Her purpose is to help bring the best of both worlds back into alignment and balance as we recreate the New Golden Age - the ‘Era of Remembering.’

  Christine is a metaphysical author and spiritual ambassador to the Energy sites of California.

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