Central Coast: The Central Coast of California is one of the last remains of the great Lemurian Civilization. People are drawn to this area because they can feel the pull and vibration of these feminine and creative energies. This explains the influx of many high consciousness ideas originating from this part of the west coast of the US. These powerful energies are once again moving with the consciousness of our planet. 

Coastal Temples: There are several sites that you will visit on the Central Coast of California. These sites are situated on some major pathways of highly charged Electromagnetic Energy or Ley-lines. These magnetic fields are the DNA delivery engines of our Planet; the earth’s equivalent of our nervous and meridian systems. 
The Temples & Sun Energy: The Sun was the cosmic symbol for the primary creative energies radiating from the central sun in the center of the universe, the beneficial energies of time and space from higher dimensions, the source of all life, matter, and energy. The temples were purposely built to interact with the atomic energy of The Central Sun, the invisible eternal flame that unites humankind with its Cosmic Creator. 

Our role in the New Era: Many today are being drawn to sacred spaces to experience for themselves the inherent ancient creative energies and to refresh their soul. It is time: 
  • To re-member and re-connect with the Universal Mind and the Higher Self. 
  • To return to our original vibration of the 'Heart' as the great intelligence of the soul. 
  • To integrate the consciousness of both Lemuria and Atlantis in order for the return to Balance and Peace on Earth.

Map from California Division of Tourism
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