The Lemurian and Atlantean Sacred Symbols
The Sacred Geometric Symbols of Lemurian and Atlantean vortexes 
and temples found on Malta and the Central Coast of California 
were received by Christine Aloisio in 2010. 
They are now readily accessible to the world in eBook and PDF format and 
are essential on your visit to these sacred sites/temples on Malta and California. They also maybe used from home for meditation and reflection.

These eBooks replace the former Sacred Symbols Cards.
eBooks are available from Smashwords or Amazon
PDF format of the books are available from the Author 
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The Magic of Lemuria - A pocket-size guidebook to the Energy Sites of Lemuria along the Central Coast of California. This part of the coast carries a very unique and high vibration, whose purity beckons you. On this Central Coast one finds the ‘etheric’ Temples of Lemuria.
   This handbook was written in the spirit of a joyful reconnection to the legacy given to us by our ancient ancestors, the Lemurians. I welcome you to come and re-energize and renew yourself with the wisdom that was left here for our evolution. See it as a ‘Virtual GPS’ to guide you on your journey and to be your companion as you discover these powerful energies thus making the experience your own. It will be a trigger to unlock the hidden codes within you.
    Visiting these sites one may join once again to the truth of one’s self, to heal, balance and reconnect to Mother Earth, and come into true Inner Peace. It is time to come and remember who you truly are and connect to these magic, soft and yet powerful sites. As we open ourselves to receive the legacy of healing and wisdom offered by these sacred Temples, we evoke our true Lemurian Heritage.
The book in hardcopy, is available on the Central Coast at Coalesce in Morro Bay;    Spellbound  in Cambria; Ragged Point Gift Shop in Big Sur and from the Author via email.
In eBook format from SmashwordsAmazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble & other electronic online bookshops around the world. (See: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/512532)

The Crystal City of Atlantis - My Journey to Ashua.ra.ta.ra

The new book The Crystal City of Atlantis was launched at a special Conference held on Malta in May 2018"This timely and momentous book launches us into the discovery of an Atlantean Crystal City under the Island of Malta. It also follows the spiritual journey of the author through her life experiences and how she found a very special valley on that unique island. The reader is taken through a remarkable chronicle of how Christine together with her husband, Francis, found Ashua.ra.ta.ra, the Crystal City of Atlantis and met the High Priest who shares with the author his wisdom and describes their Inner Earth Kingdom. The High Priest also reveals how he and his fellow Atlanteans fled there after the last devastating flood of Atlantis, the secrets of his 'home' and what it is like to live there now. Thus began the author’s relationship with him and that incredible Crystal City!" 

The new book is available at the main bookshops on Malta from BDL.
However, you can purchase the hard-copy book directly from the author through email ([email protected]). 
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*COMING SOON: Energized Crystals from Ashua.ra.ta.ra - the Crystal City of Atlantis!